Property Division

Lenore B Fox, LLC haas significant experience assisting clients through the divorce process.  When substantial assets are involved in a divorce, property division can become extremely complex.  We understand both the legal and financial aspects of identifying characterizing, valuing and dividing property upon divorce.

Under Colorado Law, marital property is to be divided equitably, although not always equally, between divorcing spouses.  In order to devise an equitable distribution of property, our first step is to characterize property as separate or marital property.  A spouse’s separate property generally consists of property a spouse owned before the marriage, and property acquired by inheritance or gift.

Marital property consists of all property, other than separate property, acquired during the marriage, regardless of whose name is on the property.  These assets will be divided between the spouses, and may include real property (real estate and land), personal property, businesses, automobile, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, pension plans, retirement assets and other items of value.


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