Parenting Issues

When parents are ending their relationship, it is necessary to maintain the best interests of their children in all decisions.  Your decisions today will effect and impact your children’s future.  When a relationship ends, your role as a parent goes on, and our law firm will help you craft an agreement regarding child custody and visitation or, if both parents are unable to agree, to advocate for a favorable order from the court.  However, before resorting to a courtroom battle, we attempt to resolve matters.

Post Decree Modifications

j0426501-reducedOne or both of the parties may have undergone a substantial change in circumstances years after the divorce or parenting plan has been finalized.  This change may affect custody of the children and/or the person’s ability to pay child support.

Our firm has handled many actions for parenting modifications and can also advise you on how to take legal action to modify a support order.

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