Family Law

Personal Guidance Through Simple and Complex Family Transitions

The decision to end a relationship and seek a divorce marks a crossroad in your life. You want an attorney who will clearly explain every step, every option and every legal avenue available. This type of guidance can help you make decisions confidently and start the next part of your life with much-needed peace of mind.

At Lenore B Fox, PLLC this is the  type of representation and counsel we provide each and every client. We know that every situation is different. j0227634-reducedWe strive to take the time to learn about you and your goals so we can provide detailed advice and help you navigate your divorce action with understanding and a sense of empowerment.

If this is the kind of representation you are looking for, we encourage you to contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you for an  in-depth consultation.

Our highly experienced and well-equipped legal team can help you every step of the way to achieve a positive outcome in your divorce case, including:

  • A more complicated contested divorce such as a high net worth divorce action or one involving child custody issues;
  • A simple no fault divorce where no children are involved or a short-term marriage with few assets to divide;
  • Seeking an annulment the enforcement or voiding of a marital agreement (prenuptial or postnuptial agreement);
  • Handling every aspect of a dissolution  of marriage action with technical, but compassionate precision such as division of marital assets, seeking or limiting spousal support, negotiating children’s issues and arrangements and other important matters;
  • Resolving post divorce  disputes through motions, creative negotiating and  enforcement of orders
  • Divorce and immigration issues as well as international family law matters

Given the emotional, financial and legal impact of a divorce on you and your family, we work closely with you as a team to help you through every step of the process and even prepare you for life after divorce. As hard as it may be to believe, there will be life after your divorce.

Dissolution of marriage is different for each person.  Separation can be a time of uncertainty.  Adoption is a monumental and special step for each family.  Therefore, we take our time with each family law case, including allocation of parental responsibility (formally known as custody) and parenting time (formally known as visitation), domestic violence, spousal support and maintenance; and property division.  When appropriate collaborative law can also resolve family law issues, including issues related to divorce.

There are many ways to approach many family law cases, Lenore B Fox and her staff are adept at various means of resolution, depending on the wishes of the client, and what is best for their family.

Knowledge, experience, and compassion are the foundation of our family law practice.  Regardless of whether you intend to file for divorce or your spouse has already filed, hiring an effective attorney can protect not only your interests, but the best interest of your children as well.

Your Personal Priorities
It is our goal to assist you in determining your personal priorities and to develop a clear and decisive plan.  Our firm will help you understand your options and obligations on such major issues as:

  • Allocation of parental responsibility/child custody

  • Child support

  • Parenting time/visitation

  • Equitable distribution of marital property

  • Maintenance/spousal support

  • Paternity

  • Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce

  • Legal Separation

  • Post Divorce Issues/Modification and enforcement of orders

  • Settlement Negotiation and Litigation of Unresolved Issues

Many couples believe that reaching an amicable divorce settlement is entirely possible.  Legal advice from our skilled attorney can help make a difference in your circumstances for years to come.  Even if you and your spouse agree on what is best for the children, and how your property, assets, and debts will be divided,  it is important to retain an attorney who can carefully draft an agreement that puts your wishes into action and creates a clear record of your intent.

Know Your Rights
Often people enter into agreements without understanding the full implications of their agreement.  If your spouse has an attorney, that attorney is not obligated to advise you of your rights.  A mediator is also not obligated to advise you of your rights. It is important to retain an attorney who knows how to properly frame the issues and present evidence in it most favorable light to you.  Lenore B. Fox has extensive experience and provides effective representation either in settlement discussions or in the courtroom.

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