About Lenore Fox

After 24 years of practice, I have gained tremendous experience as a negotiator and trial lawyer.  I have significant litigation experience lenore from linkedinin handling family law cases.

As my client, you will receive supportive legal services. I focus on being sensitive to my clients’ concerns while helping to build a workable relationship between the parties.  I offer strategies and suggestions to keep the process civil and to help you plan for your future.  I will provide you guidance through all aspects of your case.

When I work with our clients to resolve disputes I strive to reach an amicable working relationship with the opposing counsel. I attempt to have each side look at the big picture in facilitating a settlement without sacrificing the best interest of my client.

The dissolution of a marriage and the issues associated therewith can be very emotional and stressful, therefore, whenever possible, we strive to resolve all issues in an amicable and efficient manner.  When an amicable resolution is not possible, with my experience,  expert witnesses, forensic accountants, appraisers, and child psychologists, we are ready to defend our client’s interests to obtain the best results.

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