Family Law Mediation Services

MEDIATION:  A Cost-Effective Alternative

lenore from linkedinMediation is a voluntary and cost-effective process that promotes settlement. I help the parties themselves find common ground as to what is right for them (and their children).  During mediation, I work to facilitate communication between the parties and help them reach agreements.  This usually results in better communication between the parties, after the case is completed. 

Why Choose Mediation with Lenore Fox

Experience and Credentials:

I am a former practicing attorney who specialized in family law matters for more than 30 years.  I am a trained, certified mediator.   I provide mediation services for people with attorney representation and people who are not represented by an attorney. I can prepare the court documents you will need to bring your case to conclusion.

Low Cost and Time Efficient:

Mediating a divorce, parenting issue or other family matter issue is far faster, more flexible and less costly than using the traditional adversarial court process, which is cumbersome and often results with an outcome neither party is happy about.  


Confidential mediation can put the two of you in control of the terms of your settlement, limiting stress, adversity and escalating legal fees and costs.   In mediation you can think outside the box for solutions, and fashion a remedy you both feel comfortable about.

Good for Children

Children benefit when parents resolve their differences in a cooperative manner through mediation.   Mediation facilitates the parties’ discussion on parenting plans, child support, and long-term goals that satisfy the best interests of their children.  Mediation is a confidential process and parents are given an opportunity to openly communicate and air their concerns in a safe and private setting.

Reduces Animosity:

Mediation is designed to reduce conflict.  A successful mediation searches for acceptable outcomes and reduces the need for the parties to file adversarial pleadings or make allegations against each other in open court.  

Done on Your Schedule

Mediation sessions are set on your schedule, not the court’s busy, drawn-out and often delayed calendar.  Zoom mediation sessions with private virtual rooms save you time and allow you to be in the comfort of your own surroundings.

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I am prepared to help you reduce conflict and resolve disputes that will work best for your family.

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